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Achieve your individual learning goals.

Benefits of our classes

1:1 or small group classes

Study online in a way that will maximize your opportunity to practice and improve your English. Receive written feedback and detailed corrections during each class.

Native English teacher

Learn with a native English speakers with over ten years ESL teaching experience. This will help improve your listening skills as well as your pronunciation and confidence.

study plan

Personalize your study to meet your individual goals. From improving your speaking and reading, to Business English or exam preparation. Our classes will get the best results for you.

Our Courses

General Conversation

Improve your fluency and confidence by discussing a wide range of interesting topics with a native English speaker and receive detailed written feedback to help you improve.

Reading Comprehension

Our reading classes are designed to help you improve your fluency and pronunciation and level up your comprehension skills. All while learning about topics that interest you most.

Business English

This course focusses on practical language you will encounter and use in the workplace as well as improving important skills such as writing emails, phone calls and giving presentations.

Test Preparation (coming soon)

Whether you are studying for the IELTS, TOEIC or another English test, this course will build your confidence, sharpen your skills and help unlock the level of success you are truly capable of.

What our students say!

The Business English course helped me to improve my communication with foreigners and confidence using English at work. The classes focused on improving my speaking and listening skills and it really helped to study with a native English teacher who was dedicated to helping me achieve all of my goals.
Amy Lee
I always struggled with reading in English so decided to take a dedicated course to improve my fluency and pronunciation. I am delighted with the results and my confidence has improved a lot. The classes were personalized to my needs and my teacher was always friendly, helpful and patient.
David Chen
After taking the course in general conversation I now have much more confidence talking to native English speakers. Our classes were always fun and interesting and we discussed a wide variety of topics. The written feedback was extremely useful and helped me to correct mistakes and improve my ability.
Aisha Singh

Learn with a fresh mindset

Nearly 2 billion people globally speak English, making it the largest language by number of speakers, and the third largest language by number of native speakers, as well as the most geographically widespread language. The English-speaking world comprises the 88 countries and territories where English is either an official, administrative, or cultural language. It is now more important than ever for effective communication in the modern world. So whatever level you are starting from we can help you improve your confidence, ability and enjoyment of studying English and achieve your individual goals. Learning a language should be as easy as making a delicious cup of green tea!

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